April 2, 2021

2022-02-21 | 21:06:55

February 20, 2021

2021-10-11 | 19:50:46

"Owner is friendly and an expert. I will bring any tailoring needs to her. I am a BIG (fat guy) and will see her the next time I buy a suit"
December 18, 2020

"We recently had some work done here and it was timely and very professional. The quality of the sewing was excellent and the new ownership is extremely helpful and friendly. Can highly recommend this shop!"
December 18, 2020

Sandi G.

"I have gone to this shop twice now and both times the quality of the repairs made were excellent. First I brought my son's jacket which needed a new zipper. It was very think sweatshirt material and had funky pockets close to where the zipper is. But in a few days the jacket looked brand new and even my picky teenage son was impressed with it. Then I just brought a dress in which the back zipper needed replacement. It was the invisible kind and again in just a few days my dress was perfect. I have some winter pants I will be bringing in for hemming. I will let you know how that goes, but I am sure it will be great."
July 27, 2020

2022-02-21 | 21:08:32

"I like it. Very receptive to my clothing needs/adjustments and has an agreeable turnaround time. No complaints. Ive had several pants altered here."